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Sousa Pires, J. d. (1989). Electronics handbook: an integrated reference source on analog and digital electronics. Lund; [Bromley, Kent], Studentlitteratur: Chartwell-Bratt.

Souster, T. (1983). The transistor radio of Saint Narcissus: for flugelhorn, live electronics and tape (1982-83). Kingston-on-Thames, OdB Editions.

South African Institute of Electrical, E. (1984). Electronics in mining: Symposium: Papers and summaries, Bateman Instrumentation.

South East Economic Development Strategy, A. (1987). Procurement, technological diffusion and jobs: the local and regional implications: Defence electronics conference: Papers, SEEDS.

Sowa, W. A. and J. M. Toole (1968). Special semiconductor devices. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Sparkes, R. A. (1972). Electronics for schools. London, Hutchinson.

Sparkes, R. A. (1978). Electronics: an introduction for schools and colleges. London, Hutchinson.

Spasov, A. Y. and E. Bulgaian Academy of Sciences Institute of, Eds. (1987). Lasers and their applications: 4th Summer school on quantum electronics: Selected papers. Singapore, World Scientific.

Spasov, A. Y. and E. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of (1989). Lasers- physics and applications: 5th International school on quantum electronics: Papers, World Scientific.

Spasov, A. Y. and E. Summer School on Quantum (1987). Lasers and their applications: proceedings of the 4th Summer School on Quantum Electronics, "Lasers & Their Applications", Sept. 29 to Oct. 4, 1986, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Singapore, World Scientific.

Sprague, J. L. (1993). Revitalizing U.S. electronics: lessons from Japan. Boston; London, Butterworth-Heinemann.

Spreadbury, F. G. (1947). Electronics. London, I. Pitman.

Sproston, J. L., G. Instiute of Physics Static Electrification, et al. (1987). Electrostatic damage in the electronics industry: One-day meeting: Papers. Bristol, Institute of Physics.

Sproston, J. L., G. Static Electrification, et al. (1987). Electrostatic damage in the electronics industry: proceedings of a one-day meeting of the Static Electrification Group of the Institute of Physics, 9 December 1987. Bristol, Institute of Physics.

Sprott, J. C. (1981). Introduction to modern electronics. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Squires, T. L. (1964). Your book of electronics. London, Faber and Faber.

Squires, T. L. and M. Deason (1974). Beginner's guide to electronics. London, Newnes-Butterworth.

Sridharan, E. (1996). The political economy of industrial promotion: Indian, Brazilian, and Korean electronics in comparative perspective 1969-1994. Westport, Conn.; London, Praeger.

Stackpoole, L., M. Morrison, et al. (1992). Electronics for motor mechanics. Melbourne, Longman Cheshire.

Stacy, R. W. (1960). Biological and medical electronics. New York, McGraw-Hill.

Starr, A. T. (1954). Electronics. London, Pitman.

Steele, E. L. (1968). Optical lasers in electronics. New York; London, Wiley.

Steinberg, W. B. and W. B. Ford (1957). Electricity and electronics basic. Chicago, American Technical Society.

Stern, L. (1968). Fundamentals of integrated circuits. New Jersey, Hayden.

Steven, R. E. (1983). Electrical machines and power electronics. Wokingham, Berkshire, Van Nostrand Reinhold (UK) Co.

Stevens, A. K. (1986). Introduction to component testing: application electronics. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley.

Stewart, D. (1996). Test gear and measurements. Oxford, Newnes.

Stollery, P. (1986). Myth: for four amplified voices and live electronics. G.B., P. Stollery.

Stollery, P. (1987). Faible: for electric harp and live electronics. G.B., Holywell Music.

Storey, N. (1998). Electronics: a systems approach. Harlow, Addison-Wesley.

Strangio, C. E. (1980). Digital electronics: fundamental concepts and applications. Englewood Cliffs; London (etc.), Prentice-Hall.

Streetman, B. G. (1990). Solid state electronic devices. Englewood Cliffs; London [etc.], Prentice-Hall.

Stringfellow, G. B., A. Sasaki, et al., Eds. (1989). Alloy semiconductor physics and electronics: Joint US/Japan seminar: Papers, North-Holland.

Strong, J. A. (1991). Basic digital electronics. London, Chapman and Hall.

Stubbins, W. F. (1986). Essential electronics. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Su, K. L.-c. (1978). Fundamentals of circuits, electronics and signal analysis. [London], Houghton Mifflin.

Sum, K. K. (1984). Switch mode power conversion: basic theory and design. New York, M. Dekker.

Summer School of Business, A. and A. University of (1957). Electronics and automation: Summer School of Business Administration, 1957. Adelaide, Griffin Press.

Surface Mount, I. (1996). SMI: Surface Mount International: advanced electronics manufacturing technologies, SMI.

Susskind, C. (1962). The encyclopedia of electronics. New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp.

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